Friday’s Child

Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving… Children born on a Friday are affectionate, sympathetic, caring social and are an artist at heart. On the other hand, you tend to be a little lazy, vain and vulgar. But the good outweighs the bad and we LOVE your affectionate and passionate side!

We’ve handpicked these slogan baby grows that match your warm and loving personality!





Thursday’s Child!

Thursday’s child has far to go…

Today we pay tribute to all those born on a Thursday!

Thursday’s child you are honourable, generous and philosophical. We love how extravagant and jovial you are. Your flip side is conceited with a touch of hypocritical edge and a sharp tongue.

We love you just as you are! Here are your perfect fits, topped with the perfect slogan to match your personality.

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Wednesday’s child is full of woe…

Today we celebrate all those born on a wednesday.

You are a great communicator, versatile and logical. We love how quick you are and how well you express yourself. You do tend to be quite the chatter box and often are careless, but we love you just as you are, BECAUSE YOU TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

This baby grow has your personality all over it!




Tuesday’s Child

Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace… Today we celebrate Tuesday babies! Tuesday’s child is a natural born leader, constructive, courageous and a pioneer. Known to also be a little impatient, pushy, with an explosive personality and tempestuous at times, we LOVE you as you are!

This slogan baby grow is perfect for your personality because you are fiery and stay true to who you are!




Monday’s Child

Monday’s Child is Fair of Face… Today we celebrate the child born on a monday! You are creative, bold, noble, proud, outgoing. Although you are self-centred at times, a tad bit boastful and loud, we love you just as you are!

Take a look at this slogan… It is perfect for your personality because you are not afraid to tell it like it is!






Women of Different Generations Standing Together

Baby girl, Girl child, Young woman, Woman, Sister, Lover, Wife, Mother and Grandmother, at Sticky Hands we would like to wish you a women’s month as beautiful as you are. 

We are proud of the role you play in society, being pillars of strength, support systems, back bones and always having love and time for those who call you mother, sister, friend, lover and more. 

Thank you for raising strong, intelligent and confident young women and for raising men who play a significant role in the lives of women and know what it means to be a man because of you. You mould, lead and teach so that communities may stand and grow and because of you we have families, homes and relationships that are nurtured and happy.

This month we want to pay tribute to you, we want to highlight issues that affect you and deal with them and we want to say thank you and wish you the best in this tough, yet precious calling of being WOMAN. 



Tricks of the Parenting Trade!

Monday has got you frazzled and in a panic about the week ahead and the million things only you can take care of otherwise the household falls apart.


Well, fear not, we are here to take one load off your shoulders with great tricks of the parenting trade!


1. Help! My baby is teething!


Here are the tell-tell signs:


Drool, irritability and sore or tender gums.


The remedy?


The following will help soothe the discomfort.


Use a clean finger to rub the gums, teething rings, over-the-counter remedies and then make sure to keeep it cool and dry the drool!




2. Baby’s first trip.


Whether you are driving or cruising through the clouds with the little one, ensure you start your planning by putting pen to paper and making a check list with all the necessities. Pack well in advance and be sure to double check your list… at least twice, especially if you have more than one little jetsetter. Lastly, ensure your child is comfortable and slip them into a pair of jogging pants or a cool onesie!





3. Off to School.


Their first day at school is never an easy ordeal for any parent although it forms part of memories that will be treasured forever and forms part of a collection of stories that will always be relevant in yours and your child’s life as you grow together. Send your little one off in style!



4. Outing with dad


Nothing is cuter than dad putting in the hours of quality time with his child! these are the moments little girls treasure and boys feel proud of when long-lasting bonds will be formed… Dad’s be warned, the gorgeous smiles and wide eyes of your children will have you wrapped around their little fingers!




5. Sleepless Nights.


Those nights when your little one decides to put you to the test against sleep… You pace the passage wishing and hoping with the last bit of energy left in you that the crying will stop, yet nothing seems to work… Among the many causes of the unrest, if you are unsure about why your baby won’t stop crying and go to sleep, the first step is to stay calm. Less stress helps your baby and less stress allows you to think clearer and faster so you can get to the bottom of the problem and back to the business of sleeping. Stay strong…




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