Women of Different Generations Standing Together

Baby girl, Girl child, Young woman, Woman, Sister, Lover, Wife, Mother and Grandmother, at Sticky Hands we would like to wish you a women’s month as beautiful as you are. 

We are proud of the role you play in society, being pillars of strength, support systems, back bones and always having love and time for those who call you mother, sister, friend, lover and more. 

Thank you for raising strong, intelligent and confident young women and for raising men who play a significant role in the lives of women and know what it means to be a man because of you. You mould, lead and teach so that communities may stand and grow and because of you we have families, homes and relationships that are nurtured and happy.

This month we want to pay tribute to you, we want to highlight issues that affect you and deal with them and we want to say thank you and wish you the best in this tough, yet precious calling of being WOMAN.